For The Woman Who Wants Too Much

 It seems there is a message, A response that we tell the women of this world Who push for a little more, Their dreams extended a little deeper That she no longer fits into this realm.  Security is stripped  Comforts removed We outcast her when her gaze shimmers, Her laughter strikes louder, More bold than... Continue Reading →

The Moon

The moon has a way of casting a light, A glimmer  from darkness Cast on billions of people It feels uniquely ours. Our individual spotlight shines Baring our inner truths It highlights the melodies of our hearts. And on the day when it becomes anew  We yearn for it the most. 

They Never Asked the Black Mother

"They never asked the Black Mother" I've sat and listened to the voices. "They are taking away our freedom!" They shout "We shouldn't have to pay for the sins of our ancestors!" They yelled. "But it was 400 years ago" They exclaimed. And as they argued and protested, They never asked the Black Mother. They... Continue Reading →

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