Robby-The Drummer

#gifted Has your child ever dreamed of piloting a giant robot to save the world? Or thought up a fantastic machine that would automate their chores? Maybe a robo-friend to adventure with? The world of robotics isn’t on that level yet, but your son or daughter could be the one to help develop the robots... Continue Reading →

“Schooling at Home”

Before I was a homeschooler, I was a mother. Motherhood is my first priority, and it took homeschooling for me to realize this. I also realized that homeschooling requires skill sets I have that I don’t use in motherhood and vice versa.  When I envisioned what education looked like for my kids, it was a... Continue Reading →

Saxon Algebra 1/2

By the words of John Saxon, the author of Algebra ½, “algebra is not difficult. Algebra is just different.” So, when you and your child skim this textbook and see what looks like walls of cryptic code like something out of The Matrix, fear not! At first glance, I thought we would be thrown into... Continue Reading →

Oak Meadow

What if I told you there is a curriculum that checks all the boxes? Would you believe me? The one curriculum to rule them all... Click on the pics below to see what I thought of this interesting curriculum. Rhythms, Crafts, Songs, Stories and more! Preparing your child to living a enriched, fulfilled life.

Oak Meadow Civics

Disclaimer: I received these complimentary products for my honest review. The year is 2022. What subjects might you decide are most important for your children to learn? Of course there are the classics: math, science, English… but given the circumstances that we all currently live in, social studies/civics is rising in importance by the day.... Continue Reading →

Oak Meadow Physical Science

Disclaimer: I received this complimentary product for my honest review. You likely understand the importance of your child understanding how the world around them works. Learning all about physics is a perfect way to allow her to discover the answer to so many “Whys?”. But are you prepared to impart this knowledge? Sure, you know... Continue Reading →

Oak Meadow English

Disclaimer: I received this complimentary product from Melanated Gold Review Squad in exchange for my honest review. Some, myself included, would assert that the very best way for a child to obtain and grow excellent English skills is to focus on reading. And truly, this concept does make perfect sense. Rather than learn from the... Continue Reading →

The Power of Trust

One of the "luxuries" of having a baby is beautiful sleep deprivation. It's something I forgot after having my fourth child. At night, proceeding every feeding, my daughter would wake up after two hours. As the newborn weeks continued, it felt like getting more than two hours seemed impossible, especially because with my last three... Continue Reading →

Living Harmonies

This is a complimentary review for Melanated Review Squad. I purchased this curriculum with my own money to use in my homeschool. If you and your children want to experience a world tour of music discovery, then you had better grab your passport, thousands of dollars for travel expenses, and a team of knowledgeable guides.... Continue Reading →

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