Little Wanderers Preschool Program

How important it is to build a connection, lasting for lifetime. A connection so strong it becomes the laughter and warm remembrance at holiday get-togethers and those phone conversations going down memory lane. I didn’t realize the importance of connection until I didn’t have it. 

If you ask me about my older two’s toddler years, I immediately become animated, filling the room with all the stories, adventures and moments sparking the purest joy. Days of berry waffles and unexpected and exciting chaos is what I immediately remember of those two. However, when asked about the memories of my third child, my face instantly fills with sadness. Our relationship is one where the first 18 months of my daughter’s life is an unrecognizable blur from an intense work life and postpartum depression. My heart breaks when I try to recognize those little moments and draw a blank and I have since spent as much time trying to remedy that time lost. But when you have three other kids to tend to, how does one focus on the development of the whole child?  Especially when time is not on my side, and she will soon be a kid, closing the chapters of toddlerhood. How do we hold on to the beauty of growth and change our children go through before they enter into the next stage, making everything else an instant memory? 

There is something truly magical when your child enters the years of preschool. Their minds become sharper, they are inquisitive, curious, brave, creative, and adventurous. Once the captain’s of our children’s ship, we become their passengers and boy oh boy is it quite a journey! So often are we bombarded with the academic portions of learning, that we forget learning can also happen through play. Learning can happen in the quietest of moments when it’s a rainy day and your child is curled up next to you as you animate the voices in the stories. In my home, it’s just my preschooler and I in our little bubble of wonder and merriment and we eat snacks, trade meals, and create our own moment of creative mess. Nothing else matters. 

And that is what Little Wanderers Preschool has created. A Charlotte Mason inspired program meant to hold on and savor those precious moments just a little longer. 

To forget the rest of the world and hold on to our children just a little bit longer. 

With themed weeks, each day starts with a poem or fairytale, entering into the natural rhythm of the day by focusing on a habit each week, soon to be developed in second nature. You are then encouraged to be outside to explore and bond. And while there is no one gem to this program, you will “travel” and learn about children all over the world, only to end your day with an activity that can become your own, through play, creativity and expression. The crafts are definitely Pinterest worthy, and will make excellent pictures for scrapbooking and keepsakes.

But wait, there’s more!

Just when you think it ends here, the beauty keeps going with a specially curated, inclusive, and diverse book list that will make excellent additions to your home, or fun trips to the library. 

I mean, talk about chef’s kiss!

Each week is simply laid out to prepare you with the following:

A supply list 


Book list

And an additional books list. 

As one of the most affordable programs out there, this truly is a beautiful way to watch your child grow into their unique self. You can feel the love, dedication, and conscious effort Beth put into this program, and whether you are a Charlotte Mason homeschooler or not, this will make a wonderful addition to any preschool curriculum. As a mom of four, and knowing the hard work of planning is already taking care of, I appreciate being able to hold on just a little bit more with my daughter, as the place in my mind and heart fill with the warm memories I know we will create together. This program is definitely something special, and a way for me to reclaim time I never thought I would get back. 

We will be using this program in its entirety this summer into the kindergarten and core memories are already being stored.


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  1. I feel you so much on the sadness and blur. My oldest is 12 and ND, so much of my time is spent with him. I am constantly feeling that my 3!year old has the short end of the stick. Picking up this preschool and also will be working on it this summer while big brother has camps.


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