How to Grow Your Own Food: An Illustrated Beginner’s Guide to Container Gardening.

Times are tough. Everything is expensive, especially food. And when you get that paycheck and head to the grocery store, it’s difficult to make healthy choices. Can you justify buying all of those fresh herbs and vegetables? Hmm, so let’s solve that problem. Grow your own! Just pop on outside to your 30 acres and cultivate that land- oh wait, you only have a little patch of lawn? Not even that? You live in the city, with no yard? Third floor apartment with no outdoor space at all? No sweat, How to Grow Your Own Food, An Illustrated Beginner’s Guide to Container Gardening has got you covered.

Ultimately an illustrated reference guide to common food-bearing plants, this book introduces and explains all of the basic knowledge needed to grow some fresh food without prior experience, without a lot of equipment or expenses, and without a farm’s worth of space available.

Once you have read through the first few sections, which arm you with the basic skills needed to grow and harvest your “crops,” you can peruse the rest of the book which provides all of the necessary details for over 40 plants.

Living in a township with a front yard you can’t use and a non-existent back yard made me believe the idea of even trying to grow my own food would be impossible. That is, until I realized, “can’t people grow vegetables in containers?”

They can! 

I highly recommend this book if you are considering container gardening. Not only are the illustrations simple and straightforward but each page introduces a vegetable or herb, the days needed to harvest, how big it will grow, and difficulty level, which I found extremely valuable as a beginner.  

The book then breaks down the growing process from the container size, when to plant, HOW to plant etc…

My favorite part of this book was the “Good to know” section which gives valuable tidbits about the plant you are deciding to grow. It feels like an immediate confidence booster! 

How to Grow Your Own Food is definitely a must if you are a beginner to container gardening, and will definitely steer you down the right path. 

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