Young Zoologist

Every child, in a sense, is a young zoologist. Nearly all kids are fascinated by animals. They love to talk about their favorites, draw pictures, and roleplay as they discover and gain understanding of the creatures with which we share the earth. If you would like to take this exploration to the next level, the Young Zoologist series of books is an excellent way to provide your child accurate and responsible knowledge of various animals.

Each book is written by a scientist, so the information is first-hand and reliable. The book begins with an introduction of the author, vital facts about the animal, and a description of the tools and methods used to conduct research. Your child (and likely you, too!) will learn about the habitat, diet, behaviors, and fun facts of the featured animal. Also included is a section regarding threats to the species, and what can be done to help protect and conserve animals and their environments. The accompanying illustrations are attractive and anatomically correct. It is clear that great care was put into these books to provide a well rounded learning experience for the child. 

We’ve recently started learning about the animal kingdom and these books have been an excellent addition in our home. Paired with our learning activities, watching my children absorb so much information from these books has awakened an new found appreciation for the joy of learning. 

This is not sponsored. I bought these books with my own coins.

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