DK Where on Earth?

Many of us will, regrettably, never have the pleasure of traveling the world to discover all of our planet’s wonders. A basic way to supplement that experience is to open up your favorite map service online, and zoom in and out to view far away lands. It’s not much, but one can definitely gain some insight into a foreign country just by looking at some random roads. You’ve probably flipped through the available layers, too right? Turn on the satellite mode and now you see a birds eye view of the entire planet, a luxury not available until fairly recently. Wouldn’t it be great if there were more modes though? Where On Earth toggles that switch over 50 times in one beautiful book.

In Where on Earth, you’ll find detailed, full spread illustrations of the world map with fascinating metrics and information overlays. Subjects range from physical geography, plant and animal distribution, to historic and cultural trends. So if you want to know where all of the world’s volcanoes are located, the paths of bird migration, where ancient human fossils have been found, or learn the strength and resources of a country’s militaries- it’s all here.

This encyclopedia works well as a straight read through, taking you on a whirlwind tour of the planet and its history, or as a piece of supplemental material to another lesson in order to clearly illustrate a topic. This book has been a wonderful addition to our home library!

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