Robby-The Drummer


Has your child ever dreamed of piloting a giant robot to save the world? Or thought up a fantastic machine that would automate their chores? Maybe a robo-friend to adventure with? The world of robotics isn’t on that level yet, but your son or daughter could be the one to help develop the robots of the future.

We received a Robby Drummer kit for our son which included all of the parts and tools needed, as well as 3 live online classes with an instructor, conveniently held in the evening, so there was minimal disruption to our daily schedule. Through these courses students learn through hands-on activity that involves both the hardware (building and calibrating the robot) and the software (programming/coding with C++) of robotics.

If your child takes a shine to the kit, he can manipulate the code from the classes to change how the robot performs, or even purchase more parts and sensors to really take things to a new level. Additional classes to assist are available for purchase.

As someone who has a limited understanding in robotics, I really appreciated the flow and ease of this program. The instructor Mr. Vinod Agrawal went through each step at a manageable pace with room for questions if you found yourself stuck. He was very patient with us, and the program used was efficient and easy.

My son loved building Robby and was excited after the third class to show and tell us everything he learned. You can code Robby to make different drum combinations and it’s been a joy watching the gears, no pun intended, working in my son’s head as he tries to be more clever in coming up with different patterns.

Riding this wave of pride and accomplishment, he just may become the future robotics master who makes that automatic laundry folder he’s been talking up. And I, for one, am all for it, ground-level, early bird, full kickstarter pledge investment!

To find out more click on the link below!

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