Preschool Play “Seasons of Wonder”

Homeschool is a big deal. Maybe you are just getting started, sifting through far too many choices for curriculum, feeling like you’ve just walked into Home Depot because you need a bolt, but you’re really not sure how long it should be, or the diameter or anything. There are so many to choose from, and though they all have a perfectly good use somewhere, it is a mystery as to which one will help you hold your teaching journey together.

Or, maybe you’ve been at it for a while. You know a good course when you see it, and what’s more, you value a curriculum that effectively reduces your mental load.

Selecting coursework for a preschool student adds a new, challenging layer that isn’t always present with older children. Yes, you know how to play with your little one, but how do you make that fun productive, enriching, and catered towards preparing her for grade school?

Oak Meadow effectively solves all of the aforementioned issues. The Seasons of Play curriculum sets you and your child up for success. You’ll find a pleasant variety of activities including stories, recipes, songs and games that will engage young minds and reinforce the themes of “Working Together,” “Caring for One Another,” “Diversity Makes Us Stronger,” “Community,” and “Kindness.” 

There are no rigid lessons, and you are encouraged to modify the content to better suit your needs based on your family’s culture and time management. 

Oak Meadow is presented in a way that a novice, or even completely inexperienced teacher, can effortlessly guide a young learner through the curriculum. By the end of the book your child will have grown emotionally, physically, and mentally. You can expect her to be well on her way to being a well-rounded person who is nicely prepared for moving into the next level of learning.

My four year old has always been fiercely independent, making me long for the days when she was an infant, and depending on me for things. Connection and bonding become immediately sought after when exploring various different pre-k curriculums. I also wanted a curriculum that would continue to encourage her independence by transitioning her into rhythms to be included into our day to day. And of course finding something that encourages her ability to problem solve and expand her imagination through play. 

My order was large and this curriculum has fit the bill. I find myself looking forward to each lesson as my relationship with my toddler strengthens and grows. Listening to her laughter and watching the gears in her mind turn as she learns is one of the highlights of my day. I love the gentle approach of encouraging your toddlers to create and stick to a schedule that works not just for the toddler but the whole family. Creating beautiful core memories is all any parent wants. This is truly an excellent start to any young child’s educational journey and makes an excellent addition to your homeschool.

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