Oak Meadow Physical Science

Disclaimer: I received this complimentary product for my honest review.

You likely understand the importance of your child understanding how the world around them works. Learning all about physics is a perfect way to allow her to discover the answer to so many “Whys?”. But are you prepared to impart this knowledge? Sure, you know the states of matter and how to explain I’ve, water and steam. If you enjoyed science in school you can recite Newton’s three laws of motion. Can you explain why water and oil don’t mix? The laws of thermodynamics? Sound waves. Light waves? Bernoulli’s principle?

There are so many concepts in physics, some which most of us can teach, some for which we provide guidance, and others which exist in a strange, out-of-reach zone that only specialists have access to. Fear not, though, Oak Meadow has an all encompassing curriculum that covers all the physics that you and your student can wrap your heads around. 

To be completed over the course of one year, the course book and lab manual (which is sold separately) cover an impressively wide variety of topics, which will surely leave students quite knowledgeable about physics. They are encouraged to think critically and thoroughly, just as a professional scientist would. This is not a course full of fun facts and novel experiments. Rather, it is a full-fledged program that requires focus, time management, and discipline to complete. This is not to say that the experience must be difficult. The coursebook is is written in approachable language, and all technical terms are highlighted to ensure that key concepts receive the attention they require,

Lessons include labs, activities, critical thinking assignments/questions, tests, and lengthy readings that contain all of the information needed to complete and understand the work. Students are encouraged to skim all of the content of each lesson before they begin, which does indeed help to provide direction and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

For us, I really wanted to lend as much time as possible to each lesson. I start every lesson by introducing the subject and breaking down the labs and activities throughout the week. I really love how engaged my daughter is when we take our time and dig into the lesson. After we finish her excitement for learning is renewed even with the challenge of these lessons  present.

This curriculum may be one of the most challenging that encounter during your homeschool journey, but you should feel confident that you and your child will come out on top, wielding a vast array of scientific knowledge that allows for a strong comprehension of the physical world and the ability to apply advanced thought and scientific methods to answer any new question or conundrum encountered.

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