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The year is 2022. What subjects might you decide are most important for your children to learn? Of course there are the classics: math, science, English… but given the circumstances that we all currently live in, social studies/civics is rising in importance by the day. Regardless of one’s politics, it is inarguably important to be, as this curriculum puts it, an Informed Citizen. In order to make decisions, find one’s place in the world, understand and respect others, and solve problems, a keen comprehension of civics is essential.

What’s very intriguing about the Civics coursebook is from the beginning this course expects your child to be accountable for time management. She is encouraged to skim the text and assignments in order to understand the length and scope of each lesson. The readings can look overwhelming at times, but even the denser passages are made manageable by means of subdivisions and the Leigh lighting of key words.

As a parent, my biggest worry for my children is how will they do on their own when they’re adults. I want to believe I’m teaching them all the necessary skills to lead fulfilling lives. Starting these Civic lessons have been a huge help in allowing my daughter to understand real world concepts. I appreciate the lessons on being Independent that include understanding one’s finances as well as the decision making lesson that focuses on how to set goals.

My daughter is writing out her school goals for the year.

The coursebook provides a year’s worth of study, and through concise readings, discussion prompts and other activities, the self-guided work should leave the student with the ability to navigate the unique world in which we live. You can expect your child to emerge from this curriculum as a well-rounded person. Students learn about the foundations of government, respect for themselves and others, landmark cases, such as Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v. The Board of Education, how to consume media and news in a thoughtful and critical manner, and more.

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