Grammar Galaxy (Red Star)

Disclaimer: I received this complimentary product from Melanated Gold Review Squad.

10, 9, 8, 7, you know the drill. We’re blasting off into the great expanse of curriculum, this time cruising through a place known as Grammar Galaxy. You and your students will grab a mission manual and embark on a journey that intends to guide young learners through literary concepts, vocabulary, spellings, grammar, and composition and speaking. Prompts are fun and imaginative as the narrative tells a tale of fighting off Gremlin, a villain who seems to take serious issue with language arts. 

The lessons are all encompassing; Grammar Galaxy can be used as a stand-alone language arts curriculum. Expect to encounter a great deal of reading as the student’s book is essentially wall after wall of text, but you can safely take on some of the responsibility if your child is not ready to get through longer passages. Still, do note that, due to the nature of the mission manual and adventure language arts book, this curriculum, in my opinion, is not self guided , and the teacher will need to be involved at nearly every step of the way. Vocabulary words are bolded and reinforced throughout the lesson. Questions are provided at the end to ensure that your child stays focused and engaged. 

The Grammar Galaxy Red Star Homeschool kit offers print or digital product that comes with

  • Text & Mission Manual
  • Adventures In Language Arts Textbook
  • Quick Grammar Guide

The manual of the program contains the same set-up of highlighting the mission of the lesson and guiding the parents into multiple steps of learning. While the steps may vary, grammar galaxy takes a scaffolding approach, starting with an introduction to the grammar, spelling, and/or vocabulary lesson, and builds at an efficient rate that is enjoyable and doesn’t feel like work. The lessons also offer bits of interweaving with snippets of math, allowing your kids to see math in other avenues of learning. The lessons are set up in a way to help your child understand their opportunities, while also highlighting their strengths through the various activities offered. 

There can be much difficulty in finding a program that grammatically works for your family, and I think that Grammar Galaxy satisfies this need well. For my family, I appreciated that the program not just involved my children, but allowed me, as the educator, to participate in the learning. The missions of learning are set up to involve everyone into the learning experience that feels like an adventure. I would be lying if I didn’t say that all the wordiness of this curriculum felt a bit intimidating at first, and that this is a program where I would recommend testing to make sure it matches your needs. A free sample lesson is available on the website. While this is definitely an open and work curriculum, my only con is that if you don’t plan out how to implement the lessons, this could take up more time than allocated. But I also think once you develop a set flow, as we did, the lessons work at a comfortable pace.

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