Teach Your Child Piano

Disclaimer: I received this complimentary product in exchange for my honest review.

Let’s take a look into an average household, shall we? We find all the expected items, beds, kitchen appliances, the couch… and maybe, shunned to an unloved corner, is the family piano or keyboard. Purchased with the best intentions, it sits collecting dust, sadly devoid of use because everyone in the house found it too daunting to learn. Mom took a couple lessons as a child, dad played trumpet in band class, but that’s just not the same. The kids want to learn, but professional lessons are outside of the time and financial budget. What is an aspiring musician to do?

These obstacles can be surmounted by signing up for classes with Teach Your Child Piano. Currently there are over 20 courses covering music history, studies on specific instruments and compositions, and of course, piano instruction. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge- the curriculum is set up to gently introduce the required concepts of playing the piano so that everyone involved can learn at their own pace that is comfortable for them.


In our house, we dusted off the Casio and dove into “Read Music Notes in Six Weeks.” A series of worksheets, activities, and instructional videos work to teach students how to decipher sheet music from the ground up. By the end of the course, your child should be equipped with the skills to identify all of the notes on the staff and the keyboard, culminating in the ability to play a handful of simple tunes.


The six week courses supplies six modules that include:

  • The Lesson Plan

  • Flashcards

  • Practice Plan

  • Games

  • Worksheets 

  • Sheet Music 

  • Video Presentation


With the modules your child will learn:

  • “Learning your way around the Keyboard”

  • Treble Clef Line Notes

  • Treble Clef Space Notes

  • Bass Clef Line Notes

  • Bass Clef Space Notes

  • Review and Preparing for the Grand Recital

While the program could be used independently, for avid readers, I would highly recommend sitting with your child as you go through each module. The worksheets offer valuable guides to build up your child’s ability to play, and you can position them in a way to make it easy for the child to tap out keys. The kids favorite part was placing different color tape on the keys to show their knowledge of key notes. 

As someone who values time and doesn’t have a lot of it with four kids, the practice plan not only lays out the lessons of each week in its entirety but also gives the estimated time it should take to do each lesson. This works well when planning how to incorporate these lessons in your homeschool. There is also enough practice that if your child has an area of opportunity in one area, they will eventually master the lesson by the end of the module. 

We also explored the Online Music Camp. This curriculum includes over 120 prompts/activities to enrich students in the field of music. Each worksheet is an opportunity to launch a discussion that should last at least 10-15 minutes, and is suitable for children as young as 4. There is no prerequisite knowledge needed, and no required order to the lessons. Expect your students to develop a healthy curiosity about music and its many facets. These activities also could work as an excellent companion to music unit studies, if you want to add more rabbit trails. 



Overall, this is a great way to introduce music theory and playing the piano to your children if they are just beginning in their musical and instrumental pursuits. Classes start at $49 dollars and there is something for everyone to explore on Teach Your Child Piano.


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