Noeo Science – Physics 2 Grades 4-6

Disclaimer: I received this complimentary product from Melanated Gold Review Squad.

 I find that during the course of the day, almost every day, there are multiple opportunities to tell my children, “That’s because of physics!” This branch of science dictates so much of what goes on in our world. One simply cannot make it through the day without experiencing something that won’t be explained by a lesson in physics.

Noeo Science makes the process of educating students delightfully straightforward and simple. Included are two all-encompassing science encyclopedias, as well as a book full of experiments and projects, and two books that combine science and history. Following the instructor’s guide will take you through a respectable 36 weeks of learning. The introduction of the curriculum assures that the lessons can be presented comfortably within a secular or non-secular environment. Students and instructors are encouraged to learn and observe, not skip or cover up, all modern scientific theories and information. 

The lessons are short, but robust; covering all aspects of a topic in an appropriate manner for the intended grade level. If you Expect to spend at least 30 minutes on each lesson, and up to an hour if you like to take rabbit trails and investigate a topic further. You and your students will explore a subject by reading a couple pages from one of the books which include helpful illustrations to help everyone understand the concepts. Some days’ work is concluded with a hands-on experiment/lab. Most materials are included, and chances are you can find any other supplies needed around the house. Unfortunately, our second lab was missing materials, but we were still able to gather the pieces on our own and carry on with the demonstration. My kids were thrilled to participate in the activities. Having a hands-on aspect helps tremendously in ensuring a student retains the concepts taught. 

Each day’s work is reinforced with three or four discussion questions, and while the curriculum is tightly constructed, I could easily see myself reading through all of the unused pages of the encyclopedias in order to satisfy curious minds and expand our scientific knowledge.

All in all, as a family, we have enjoyed this curriculum immensely and will continue to use it during the summer into our homeschool year.

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