For The Woman Who Wants Too Much

 It seems there is a message,

A response that we tell the women of this world

Who push for a little more,

Their dreams extended a little deeper

That she no longer fits into this realm. 

Security is stripped 

Comforts removed

We outcast her when her gaze shimmers,

Her laughter strikes louder,

More bold than the people in the room.

A plate already full 

We toss her into the buffet line

Encouraging her to feel despair.

Fill her plate with struggles, exhaustion, and chaos

Forcing her to eat it alone. 

Her humanity undeserving

Filtered and twisted 

Free of dreaming it is wrought

The incredulous anger building.

As society moves away from her. 

And when her heart bellows in this pain

No hand is extended

Backs cast in a line

Standing in solidarity

Enforcing the heaviness she must feel.

They’ve cast her aside.

Adorning her a crown of their negativity

They wait to see her struggle.

The words of “I knew it” and “I told you so”

Clinging to their lips. 

And all the pride once felt.

All the hopes and dreams 

Once thought up by this woman,

Replaced with the realization

That society has given up.

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