Yassssss Zaddy!

 First, let me just say that whatever gen z youngster thought it was appropriate to call grown men “Zaddy” or “Daddy,” how dare you, and stop. 

Seriously, you have caused us all to become pompous and call paternal parents “Father”.  And you know “Father,” depending on the season and pollen count, can make you sound like you don’t care about his life, just his money. 
Now listen, I will admit to being wrong when I make stout declarations. And I never thought I would be someone to say “work it, daddy.”  “Yess you hitting all the right spots!” and “Oh, daddy show me what you can do!” until I bought the infamous 
Look how happy he is to see me😍
Excuse me, sir? Excuse me? But why did it take me so long to discover this sponge?!
I am a girl addicted to amazing cleaning products, okay. Don’t judge me. 
Like don’t get me flowers and chocolate. Get me the sweet aroma of Lysol disinfectant and bleach. Kaboom sprayed on the tub on an average Sunday afternoon? Chef’s kiss. Yummm.
When I say this sponge is a gamechanger! Guys, the brilliance, the ingenuity, the way it can work for you in multiple positions. 
Like yasss Zaddy!  And y’all, “come here” whispers, it works hard and soft. Yes girl!
Society will have us thinking we are some hard girls, but when you add that hot water just right and it immediately goes soft…..*gasps*
The grime just melts away. 
I am shook, I am flabbergasted. When I called my husband and told him there was a new daddy in this house, he hung up on me, but that’s not the point. 
Scrub daddy, y’all understood the assignment. (Standing ovation)
I’m so sorry I am so late to the game. I didn’t know, I didn’t know!
Now I’m walking around hollering out daddy’s name, and it’s still weird, but I know when I go to clean, Scrub daddy is going to get me right, and continue to do what I need it to do, to full completion with a glorious, very satisfying finish.
And we are all adults here, okay. Get your mind out of the gutter.  *winks

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