Tiny Shiny Schoolhouse

 Tiny Shiny Schoolhouse

Disclaimer: I received this complimentary product from the Melanated Gold Review Squad for my honest review.

These are tough times for a homeschool, students and teachers alike. You and your kids may feel like time is a blur, or maybe it’s dragging slower than ever. The truth is, time is moving just the same as ever, but keeping track doesn’t need to be the dry affair that it’s always been. A calendar from Tiny Shiny Schoolhouse can bring a brand new perspective of the year to your classroom/home. 

Instead of flipping pages of boxes, this calendar displays the entire year as a circle, represented by the Earth’s journey around the Sun. This presentation makes the division of seasons, months, and days easy to digest. The concept of the passage of time makes clear visual sense, and is also scientifically accurate, as it depicts the Earth’s orbit in space. Order the space/black version to see other planets and learn how long their orbit takes, too!

The calendar can be ordered with or without US holidays, and all kits include stickers to customize your year with events. Additional sticker packs are available for purchase to indicate assorted holidays and family events that you may want to mark.

As someone who continually is telling my children what day it is, this was a nice addition to our home. My kids love that they could label everyone’s birthdays and the scratch offs were a huge hit. (My toddler discovered them and lovingly scratched off a whole sheet before we could stop her.)

A note for my readers,

Tiny Shiny Schoolhouse sticker collection does have holiday stickers for both Christian and Jewish religions only,  as well as yearly holiday stickers. I did reach out to the company about developing more stickers including Muslim and Asian holidays to foster a more inclusive environment. The company was very quick in their response as well as being open and receptive to feedback. 

The company’s response was As our small business grows, we are hoping to expand our sticker options every year to be more and more inclusive of different religions, nationalities, etc. We love to hear from customers about what they’d like to see included in the future!”

I greatly appreciate the acknowledgement of wanting to improve so everyone can be included. 

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