Weekly Motherhood reflections. One

Motherhood has afforded me so much in what feels like a short and fast life. I want to believe that I am who I am because of my kids. This is not to say that life does not change us in different ways. As a mother of three, soon to be four every child has opened and closed new chapter for me.

My oldest made me a mother and changed every relationship in my life. My second changed my locations. And my third as challenged my way of thinking and patience if we are being honest.

I have reevaluated so many things and the growth between the then newly mother of 22 to the now 33 soon to be mom all over again has been astronomical.
More importantly I have discovered that my wants and needs are different.
I wanted the world for my kids. Wanted the understanding, and desired everything glamorized in motherhood.
But it wasn’t realistic.
All the glitter fades eventually.

Now those wants and desires have been changed and altered to be needs.
I need a world where my kids can thrive. I need to be a mother who shows love to herself first so my children can follow by example and know what it means to love yourself.

I want to embrace the bold, the awkward, the sad, the gallant, and brave that I know that I can be in my heart. I want the world to know that I can be very introverted at times, and a little weird. I’m okay with it.

Maybe with this child, as I close the chapter on three kids will teach that my life was full from the beginning.
Motherhood just made me shine more. And shine I shall.

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