Shiller Learning Language Arts | Kit A

Disclaimer: This is a review of a complimentary product received from Melanated Gold Review Squad in exchange for my honest review.

What is learning, and what is teaching? Picture what traditional learning entails. If you grew up in the public, or even private school system, or think about what school looks like on TV, you are likely imagining a teacher standing in front of a group of children doling out instruction. It may seem like she is talking at or to the students. Is this the most effective way of teaching? Truly, it can’t be too bad, since thousands of children have come up through this system and turn out just fine. But it is important to open your mind to other teaching/learning methods.

Montessori-based Shiller Learning provides an intimate and comprehensive way of teaching your student. Great focus and care are given to ensuring that a child feels comfortable while learning. Using this curriculum, you will not feel like a traditional teacher who launches facts and concepts at a student, praying that it sticks. Rather, you will provide a gentle, yet deliberate, instruction that encourages and rewards good behavior and progress, and redirects mistakes and frustration into positive learning opportunities.

One of the most attractive aspects of Shiller Learning is the elimination of lesson prep. Yes, the dreaded bane of many a school day is of no concern. By simply reading aloud the text in quotation marks, you are teaching the lesson and directing the learning. Included is an extensive educator guide which sets the groundwork for making you an effective instructor.

The kit provides the following (taken from their website):
  • 4 color lesson books with lay-flat binding, covering 2 years of language arts
  • 28 language arts song downloads that integrate with the lessons (there is a song for EVERY letter of the alphabet)
  • Book of Mother Goose Rhymes (treasure reading to your child)
  • 22 in. x 34 in. work mat (defines the workspace, promotes good work habits, and helps to focus attention)
  • 155-piece red (consonants) and blue (vowels) wooden movable alphabet in a divided wooden box with tray lid that doubles as a tracing tray (you’ll keep this forever)
  • grain for small hand letter writing (use with tray lid of movable alphabet)
  • 10 pink and blue Montessori METAL insets with knobs and matching bases – fun handwriting manipulative to practice every stroke for all 26 letters of the alphabet (can be used for endless pattern and artwork projects)
  • 4 tubs of playdough (colors vary)
  • 8 large washable crayons
My daughter, after finding out that there was a playdoh, was completely sold. While we are still finding our footing on a pace that works for her, I love the simplicity of this open and close lesson plan taking the guesswork out of a potentially busy day. As expected, she was immediately drawn to the playdoh, and if your child is into mixing the way mine is, it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra containers laying around. A personal favorite of mine was the letter board and the amount of letters provided to spell a multitude of words. I was even able to use it with my older two kids. My husband who is creative also enjoyed participating in some of the lessons with her.

Lessons are varied, incorporating manipulatives, physical actions, songs and more- all connecting and reinforcing a central topic. The pacing and intimacy will make learning feel more like a calm, friendly conversation than stiff and strict instruction.

Shiller Learning is also giving away a free digital fractions kit for (69.95) using this link-

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