Little Wanderers Preschool Program

How important it is to build a connection, lasting for lifetime. A connection so strong it becomes the laughter and warm remembrance at holiday get-togethers and those phone conversations going down memory lane. I didn’t realize the importance of connection until I didn’t have it.  If you ask me about my older two's toddler years, I immediately become... Continue Reading →

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The Comic Book Guide To Growing Food

In 2023, I think I want to grow my own garden… I’m sure most of us have thought about this.  But, What if you lack a green thumb? What if you have no idea about the amount of different tomatoes at a store? Do you buy herbs already grown at home depot? What about soil?... Continue Reading →

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Curriculum Picks 2023-2024

Welcome to an in-depth look into our homeschool curriculum planning. According to PA Homeschool Laws we are required to have the following: English Spelling Reading Writing Arithmetic Civics History of the U.S. and Pennsylvania Health and Physiology Physical Education Music Art Geography Science Safety Education which must include instruction in the dangers and prevention of... Continue Reading →

DK Where on Earth?

Many of us will, regrettably, never have the pleasure of traveling the world to discover all of our planet’s wonders. A basic way to supplement that experience is to open up your favorite map service online, and zoom in and out to view far away lands. It’s not much, but one can definitely gain some... Continue Reading →

Young Zoologist

Every child, in a sense, is a young zoologist. Nearly all kids are fascinated by animals. They love to talk about their favorites, draw pictures, and roleplay as they discover and gain understanding of the creatures with which we share the earth. If you would like to take this exploration to the next level, the... Continue Reading →

Robby-The Drummer

#gifted Has your child ever dreamed of piloting a giant robot to save the world? Or thought up a fantastic machine that would automate their chores? Maybe a robo-friend to adventure with? The world of robotics isn’t on that level yet, but your son or daughter could be the one to help develop the robots... Continue Reading →

“Schooling at Home”

Before I was a homeschooler, I was a mother. Motherhood is my first priority, and it took homeschooling for me to realize this. I also realized that homeschooling requires skill sets I have that I don’t use in motherhood and vice versa.  When I envisioned what education looked like for my kids, it was a... Continue Reading →

Saxon Algebra 1/2

By the words of John Saxon, the author of Algebra ½, “algebra is not difficult. Algebra is just different.” So, when you and your child skim this textbook and see what looks like walls of cryptic code like something out of The Matrix, fear not! At first glance, I thought we would be thrown into... Continue Reading →

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